Leap In

Alexandra Heminsley

'Remarkable' Observer
'A joy to read' Daily Telegraph
'Soaringly beautiful' Sunday Times Magazine
'Genuine and persuasive' Guardian

Alexandra Heminsley thought she could swim. She really did.

It may have been because she could run. It may have been because she wanted to swim; or perhaps because she only ever did ten minutes of breaststroke at a time. But, as she learned one day while flailing around in the sea, she really couldn’t.

Believing that a life lived fully isn’t one with the most money earned, the most stuff bought or the most races won, but one with the most experiences, experienced the most fully, she decided to conquer her fear of the water.

From the ignominy of getting into a wetsuit to the triumph of swimming from Kefalonia to Ithaca, in becoming a swimmer, Alexandra learns to appreciate her body and still her mind. As it turns out, the water is never as frightening once you're in, and really, everything is better when you remember to exhale.

What Hemmo's readers are saying:

‘This book is funny, engaging, entertaining, informative, suspenseful, motivating, and inspiring... I've never read anything quite like it
­– Nina on Goodreads, 5 stars

‘Just like Running Like a Girl, this was an absolute joy to read. A beautifully written story of swimming, family and being a woman’
– Violet on Amazon, 5 stars

‘Fantastic book… Entertaining – often laugh-out-loud funny – and full of really useful advice’
– J. Edwards on Amazon, 5 stars

‘A fabulous book that’s beautifully written’
– Nik on Goodreads, 5 stars

‘I can't recommend this book enough! I absolutely love Alexandra Heminsley's writing, her attitude towards exercise and her passion for swimming’
– Sarah on Goodreads, 5 stars

‘an inspirational and encouraging read’
– Stephanie on Goodreads, 5 stars

‘the author’s enthusiasm is contagious… one cannot help but yearn to join in. … A thoroughly inspiring book with a likeable narrator unafraid to share her personal life’
– Eleanor on Goodreads, 5 stars

‘This is a delightful book, a pleasure to read… Unbelievably well written, it flows like the water she loves’
­– Bobby on Amazon, 5 stars

Running Like a Girl

Alexandra Heminsley

'If you've ever wept, "Why Do I Want To Run?" your answer is here.' Caitlin Moran

Alexandra Heminsley had high hopes: the arse of an athlete, the waist of a supermodel, the speed of a gazelle. Defeated by gyms and bored of yoga, she decided to run.

Her first attempt did not end well.

Six years later, she has run five marathons in two continents.

But, as her dad says, you run with your head as much as with your legs. So, while this is a book about running, it's not just about running.

You could say it's about ambition (yes, getting out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning counts), relationships (including talking to the intimidating staff in the trainer shop), as well as your body (your boobs don't have to wobble when you run). But it's also about realising that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Very funny, very honest and very emotional, whether you're in serious training or thinking about running for the bus, this is a book for anyone who after wine and crisps for supper a few too many times thinks they might . . . just might . . . like to run like a girl.

Here’s what people are saying about Running Like A Girl – and what it’s inspired them to do!

‘This book has changed my attitude, I loved it from page one and found it totally relatable for the normal woman… A real inspiration’ – Clairol on Amazon, 5 stars

‘I adored this book… this is a must read’ – Emily on Amazon, 5 stars

‘really opened my eyes and inspired me to continue running, fantastic read’ – Kiyone on Amazon, 5 stars

‘I was so happy to start reading this fabulous book and realise that there was someone else out there who thought exactly as I did about 'not being a runner'’ – J. Watson on Amazon, 5 stars

‘It's not often I find a book that I can't put down and this is the first for ages! … this book echoes so many of my own limiting beliefs constructed around this subject and it was a delight to hear how Alex faced up to her own demons and finally freed her running spirit. Even if you never want to be a runner this is a fun read and an inspirational journey.’ – Joy on Amazon, 5 stars

‘Inspirational… Would recommend this book to anyone thinking of running! Very well put together and has lots of information and tips’ – Maria on Amazon, 5 stars

I laughed out loud… for anyone wanting to get into running you will be thinking of Alexandra when you are out there taking your first few strides, and you will be grinning!’ – J. Dunne on Amazon, 5 stars

‘The best thing about it is how inspiring the journey it is, how much it makes you want to get out there and run yourself. Such a fantastic aid to the beginning of your running journey’ – Emma on Amazon, 5 stars

‘I have been fighting with my running demons for over 12 months and had convinced myself that I couldn't run. This book has inspired me to put my trainers on, join a club and enter three events’ – Chimaera on Amazon, 5 stars

Laugh-out-loud funny in places but real, genuine experience of the world of running from someone who's been there, picked up the battered trainers and just run with it’ – Helen on Amazon, 5 stars

hilarious - it just kept me hooked!’ – Denise on Amazon, 5 stars


Alexandra Heminsley is the author of Running Like a Girl, which has now been published in fifteen countries. She is a journalist, broadcaster and ghostwriter. She lives in Hove.