Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster

Chris Chatterton (and others)

Do you have a little monster who would rather do anything but sleep?

This is the perfect bedtime tale for them!

Written specifically for bedtime, this story is full of magic, big paws, fluffy fur and little claws.

Belch the monster is supposed to be settling down for bedtime, but with so many distractions it looks like bedtime could be quite a way away...

Count down from ten as you journey through the beautifully illustrated, gradually calming pages of this gorgeous bedtime story.

Also available in the Land of Nod series: Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn

Chris Chatterton (and others)

The perfect bedtime book to calm your own sleepy unicorns!

Full of magic, sparkle and rainbows (and one naughty unicorn), little readers will love this calming tale before bed.

It's bedtime, but one lively little unicorn can't quite settle down and go to sleep! As her dad counts down the minutes to bed, what mischief can she get up to?

Finishing on a gentle end, it's the perfect bedtime tale.

Also coming soon: Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster


Chris Chatterton is an illustrator from County Durham, England, with a background in graphic design and animation.