The Trip of a Lifetime

Monica McInerney

Lola's keeping a secret from her past - it's the reason she escaped to the other side of the world . . . but when she travels back to where it all began, will she decide to tell the truth and face her fears?

'Monica McInerney is at the very top of her game. Treat yourself immediately!' Patricia Scanlan

'I always thought memories were unchangeable. Set in stone, shaped by the years. But there are always others too, ones you haven't let yourself remember . . .'

The wilful and eccentric Lola Quinlan is off on the trip of a lifetime, taking her beloved granddaughter and great-granddaughter with her. More than sixty years after emigrating to Australia, she's keeping a secret promise to return to her Irish homeland.

Lola has always been her family's port in a storm, but she's hiding the hurtful reason she left Kildare as a young woman. Lola's walk down memory lane will force her to confront her bittersweet past - and discover that the truth can indeed set you free . . .

'The twists and turns will intrigue you, make you laugh, pull at your heartstrings, but Lola will definitely make you cry. The sort of feel-good read you long to get back to' Hilary Boyd

'Heart-warming . . . a lovely read' Hello!

The Alphabet Sisters

Monica McInerney

A glorious, uplifting story about the joys and heartbreaks of sisterhood, from the Number One bestseller

'I've got something very important I want the three of you to do for me.'

Once as close-knit as sisters can be, Anna, Bett and Carrie haven't spoken in three years. They are still feeling the effects of the fight which tore them apart - but a summons to their grandmother's birthday party forces them out of their silence.

Lola, the big-hearted, strong-willed grandmother who first nicknamed them the Alphabet Sisters, has a plan to reunite them. And while none of the women is eager to confront the past, each has a new reason to long for their sisters' support.

But just as they find their way back to one another, the sisters are rocked by a greater challenge than ever before - one that will teach them the true value of family . . .

'You'll be laughing out loud one minute and crying the next' Cosmopolitan

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Lola's Secret

Monica McInerney

By turns funny and tender, this is a magical Christmas story from the Number One bestseller

'I've had zillions of family Christmases. Let's all try something new this year.'

Lola Quinlan has a secret up her sleeve. As much as the sparky, mischievous great-grandmother adores her family, this year she has different plans for the holidays in the beautiful Australian valley.

Thinking it will add some extra sparkle to the festive season, she invites a mystery group of strangers to spend Christmas at her Valley View Motel.

But in the countdown to Christmas, her brood's need for her grandmotherly guidance threatens to derail her plan. And little does Lola guess that each of her prospective guests is escaping their own family troubles.

Between the Quinlans' dramas, her mystery guests and the unexpected rediscovery of an old flame, Lola's encounters will show her that even the best-laid plans can't stand in the way of a little Christmas magic . . .

'Some novels are simply very special. This is one of those novels' Hello

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Hello from the Gillespies

Monica McInerney

International Number One bestseller Monica McInerney brings us a sparkling and hilarious Christmas novel about family life

For the last thirty years, Angela Gillespie's annual Christmas letter has been full of her family's triumphs. But this year Angela surprises everyone, including herself - she tells the truth.

Angela's husband is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Her grown-up daughters are more out of control than ever. And her youngest child spends all of his time talking to an imaginary friend.

With fantasy thoughts of a life before marriage and motherhood becoming more than just an innocent daydream, Angela's real life is slowly slipping out of focus.

But, as the repercussions of her ruthlessly honest letter begin to pile up, a shocking event takes Angela from her family, and she realises she should have been more careful of what she wished for. . .

Praise for Monica McInerney:

'You'll be laughing out loud one minute and crying the next' Cosmopolitan

'McInerney is an expert in portraying the nuances and complications of family life' Red

The Christmas Gift

Monica McInerney

The perfect Christmas treat - two charming, festive short stories from the Number One bestseller.

In Australia, Rosie is preparing for a family Christmas like no other. Across the world in Dublin, another family's holiday plans are about to go in an unexpected direction.

Filled with warmth, heart and humour, these two charming short stories will delight readers this Christmas.

Praise for Monica McInerney:

'If you've yet to read her books, treat yourself immediately!' Patricia Scanlan

'You'll be laughing out loud one minute and crying the next' Cosmopolitan

'Gloriously fascinating and heart-warming' Cathy Kelly


Australian-born Dublin-based Monica McInerney is the internationally best-selling author of 11 novels. Monica grew up in a family of seven children in the Clare Valley wine region of South Australia. Since then she has lived all around Australia, in Ireland and in London and has also travelled widely. For the past 20 years Monica and her Irish husband have been moving back and forth between Australia and Ireland. They currently live in Dublin.