The River Café Classic Italian Cookbook

Rose Gray (and others)

It's been THIRTY years since the infamous River Café first opened its doors. One of London's most iconic restaurants, famous chefs Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have cooked behind the pass.

The Thames-side restaurant serves up extraordinary Italian recipes alfresco style, that feature in THE definitive guide to authentic Italian cooking . . .


'Their best book yet' Independent

Opened by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers in 1987, the legendary River Café changed the way we cook, eat and think about Italian food.

Over decades, they travelled extensively through Italy, cooking with friends, chefs and wine makers, who shared with them their traditional and regional classic family recipes. This book is Rose and Ruth's personal interpretation of those precious recipes, the pages rich with their experiences and knowledge.

A passionate celebration of Italy and its unique culture of food, these 200 inspiring recipes sit side by side with memories of the places, stories of the people, and insights into the regions, seasons, ingredients and techniques.

Woven with evocative photography taken in the Italian homes where Rose and Ruth cooked, and in the cities, villages, vineyards, markets and shops they grew to know so well, this is a book you will turn to time and time again, for special occasions, everyday meals, or simply to read and relish.

Enjoy heaped spoonfuls of creamy Risotto Con Latte while sipping cool, sparkling Prosecco. Dip sourdough toast into salty clams with Zuppa Alle Vongole or reimagine yourself in sun-soaked Tuscany, dousing handfuls of fresh pici pasta in squeezed lemon juice, pecorino cheese and cracked black pepper for Pici Al Limone Con Pecorino . . .

'Throughout my career, Rose and Ruth have been a complete inspiration to me. Any book from them is a treat, but to have a collection of their favourite classic Italian recipes in one place is something not to be missed. They have changed the way the British people eat - here's to them both!' Jamie Oliver

'It's hard to decide which has made the greater contribution to British food culture, Rose and Ruthie's outstanding restaurant, or their wonderful and inspiring cookbooks. If pushed, I would plump for the latter' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


Rose Gray MBE and Ruth Rogers MBE launched the River Café in 1987 and went on to achieve a worldwide reputation for their cooking. They have written several bestselling River Café cookbooks and presented The Italian Kitchen for Channel 4. Rogers has continued to run the restaurant after Gray sadly passed away in 2010, and it still holds the Michelin star that it was first awarded in 1998.