Guru Guru Pon Chan volume 8

Satomi Ikezawa

Dog Days

Ponta the Labrador retriever is no ordinary dog. With the magic Guru Guru Bone, she can turn at will into a human girl. In her human form, Ponta has fallen in love with Mirai Iwaki - and the couple has developed an uncoventional but powerful relationship.

But what would happen if Mirai transformed instead? As a puppy, Ponta learned the true meaning of friendship and love. Might Mirai also benefit from living life as a dog? Of course, there's a downside. For Ponta, all the changing between puppy and girl has taken its toll... which raises the question: Is the Guru Guru Bone more a curse than a blessing?

  • Tanoshimi
  • Published 3rd May 2007
  • 192 Pages
  • 126mm x 190mm x 14mm
  • 175g
  • £5.99