• "<p>The small girl narrator of this lovely book comes up with a wonderful idea when she sees everyone else busy with welcome preparations for the new baby and wonders what she can do. “<i>Can the baby hear us</i>?” she asks her mum. “<i>Yes, Emma, the baby is listening</i>,” comes the reply. She decides to share all her own favourite sounds beginning with winter’s ‘<i>Tinkling icicles. Whistling wind. /Slushity-slush-slush-snow. // Chattery teeth. Snowballs SPLOSH. / Sleds and skates shoosh- shooshing. // Purring kitty. Snoring dog. /Pop-pop-crackling fire./ All winter long, I share the sounds./ All the sounds, all round, all round</i>.”<br>Come spring and there’s blossom blowing in the breeze, chirping sparrows, robin’s song, whirring dragonflies, clickety bikes, WHOOSHING swings, lizards skittle-scooting, rumbly thunder and more.<br>Summer brings the sounds of bees, flies, crickets, bouncing balls, skipping chants, a water sprinkler, frogs croaking, owls hooting and campfire stories told by her dad.<br>Then one warm summer’s day Emma’s mum announces, … “<i>Today is Baby’s birth day</i>.” Not long after, it’s time to welcome the new family member face to face … and come autumn Emma and her new sibling have a whole lot of new sounds to enjoy together.<br>This is an enormously heart-warming celebration of a new baby told with sensitivity and affection. The closeness of the whole family is beautifully conveyed in Sophie Allsopp’s richly hued and patterned illustrations.</p>"