• "One for the "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink" crowd. Like eating a big authorial cake and finding it full of Streatfeild and McKay and Smith. It's rich, vivid and rather timeless. Contemporary yet classic. Classic yet contemporary."

    Did You Ever Stop To Think Blog (LH 'Daisy' Johnson)
  • "Dialogue-driven family drama written in an engaging, authentic voice. Tons of insight and good humour."

    The Scotsman, Jasmine Fassl
  • "Wonderfully authentic family drama, funny and complicated as real life relationships are. It has a classic feel to it. Make it top of your to-read list this summer."

    Scottish Book Trust
  • "Warm, believable portrait of family life. Witty and moving read."

    Children's Books Ireland
  • "An intelligent gathering of complex issues involving real characters. Written with great sensitivity, I highly recommend for fans of David Levithan or Mark Haddon."

    Waterstones Oxford
  • "Warm, convincing portrait of a family facing all sorts of difficulties. A contemporary version of Little Women. Walsh does an excellent job."

  • "Aoife Walsh describes the intricacies of a modern family which is facing a wide variety of challenges in beautiful detail."

  • "A good family story, which encompasses complex issues (including autism, fostering, divorce and drugs) with a deft touch, and very real, funny dialogue."

    The School Librarian
  • "Walsh’s fictional family loom so large in the mind that it’s hard to believe they don’t really exist. You’ll want to remain in their house for far longer than the book. A thoroughly enjoyable read"

    Minerva Reads blog