• "All alphabet books require mastery of the letters in order to read them, but this one manages that paradox with genius."

    The New York Times Book Review
  • "Beyond the inherent fun of the concept (which has plenty of potential for classroom activities), every scene tells a story – it's practically 26 books in one."

    STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly
  • "Amid the flood of alphabet books, now and then one rises to the surface. This one is a prize catch."

    STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews
  • "A playful celebration of language not as a dry, mathematical exercise in letter-organisation but as a living organism, in which letters make meaning through a vast mesh of metaphorical associations driven by the imagination – the very faculty that is the hallmark of children's minds."

    Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
  • "A silly but smart introduction to wordplay"

    Irish Times

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