• "Sylvester's real achievement-consists of an almost unrivalled power to gaze, and to find language to express the rewards of intensive contemplation"

    London Review of Books
  • "Sylvester lists the qualities that make a painter great: "fearlessness; a profound originality, a total absorption in what obsesses him, and above all, a certain authority and gravity". All these apply in equal measure to himself, compounded with vast scholarship, wit and modesty"

    Sunday Times
  • "David Sylvester is in many ways the most distinguished critical writer Britain has produced since Roger Fry"

  • "Sylvester is not only the foremost writer on art: he is also a marvellous prose stylist and an outstanding mind. Original, erudite, witty and moving"

  • "Everybody interested in the subject...will want this book"

    Sunday Telegraph