• <b>Nobody weaves a complex web of stories with quite the same skill as Elizabeth Noble . . . An uplifting read written with wry humour, insight and sensitivity</b>

    Sunday Express
  • With a collection of <b>well-drawn characters</b> whose stories intertwine, this is <b>a heart-warming novel about relationships, secrets and love in all its forms</b>

    Choice Magazine
  • A <b>beautiful </b>tale of <b>love, loss and hope</b>

  • Noble specialises in <b>warm-hearted tearjerkers with strong connections between women</b>

    Daily Mail
  • A <b>moving and heart-warming novel about love in all its forms</b>: between parents and children, husbands and wives and the very best of friends

    Sunday Express
  • We all know the <b>strange power of old letters</b> . . . Could they be the secret to the missing pieces of her grandmother's life?<b> Packed with intrigue </b>

    Yours Magazine
  • Prepare to be ensnared in a complex web of <b>deeply satisfying</b> secrets

    Event Magazine
  • <b>A heart-warmer</b>

  • <b><u>Praise for Elizabeth Noble</u></b>

  • Noble is the mistress of the tearjerking message of love

  • A wonderfully well-written book, full of emotion

    Daily Mail
  • Witty, affectionate and unashamedly tear-jerking

  • Impossible to finish without tears streaming down your face

    Daily Express
  • Honest and beautifully written

    Woman & Home
  • Incredibly thought-provoking and poignant

  • Witty, pacy and immediately engaging

  • Tissues are essential. You'll ricochet between delicately watering eyes at the romance of it all and howling sobs at the unbearable tenderness

  • It would be a hard heart indeed that remained unmoved . . . the tender feelings that Noble engenders in her readers are to be cherished

    Daily Express
  • So fluid, the pages turn themselves

    Daily Mirror
  • Irresistible comfort read