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#1 - Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause
#1 - Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause


'Immensely helpful...a tome of medical knowledge. I'm mildly obsessed by Louise Newson. Buy the book!' Davina McCall

'What a brilliant, helpful and straight-forward guide to menopause. I wish I could have had it when I first had symptoms, it would have made a huge difference to me' Louise Minchin

'This book is indispensable. Keep it by your bedside. It will transform your life. Dr Louise is a miracle worker' Lorraine Kelly

Take charge of your menopause and feel great

Dr Louise Newson is the UK's leading menopause specialist, and she's determined to help women thrive during the menopause.

Despite being something that almost every woman will experience at some point in their lives, misdiagnosis, misinformation and stigma are commonplace. In Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause, Dr Newson will demystify the menopause and show why every woman should be perimenopause aware, regardless of their age.

Drawing on new research and empowering patient stories from a diverse range of women who have struggled to secure adequate treatment and correct diagnosis, Dr Newson will equip you with expert advice on:

· Common and 'taboo' symptoms to look out for
· HRT treatment options
· Going through an early menopause
· Getting a good night sleep
· Optimising your nutrition in the menopause
· Exercising for a better menopause
· Your mental health during the menopause

Dr Newson empowers women to confidently take charge of their health and their changing bodies. It's never too early to learn about the perimenopause or menopause and this essential book will equip you with everything you need to know.


Dr Louise Newson is donating 10% of all royalties she receives for the book to The Menopause Charity.

Part of the Penguin Life Experts series.
#2 - Managing Your Migraine
#2 - Managing Your Migraine
'A fantastic and much needed resource for all those suffering. Dr Katy Munro's experience and knowledge through this book will help all those who read it' Dr Rupy Aujla, The Doctor's Kitchen

'Dr Katy Munro is the single best migraine expert our family have ever met [...] This book brings hope to every migraineur' Miranda Sawyer, Guardian & Observer Journalist


Despite being one of the most common and debilitating conditions in the world, migraine is still widely misunderstood, stigmatised and misdiagnosed. Migraine is much more than 'just a headache', it's a genetic, neurological brain disorder, and it's time patients got the healp they really need.

Managing Your Migraine is the practical go-to guide for understanding and treating migraine. In the book, headache Specialist and GP Dr Katy Munro will give you expert advice on:

· Understanding your migraine phases and triggers
· The impact of food, exercise and sleep on migraine
· Rescue plans for acute attacks
· Migraine preventers
· Migraine in children
· Managing your mental health with migraine

If you're a person with migraine, or know someone struggling, this book will provide helpful strategies for alleviating your symptoms and managing your migraine. Drawing on her medical expertise, her own personal experience with migraine and the stories of her patients, Dr Munro will empower you to get to know your own migraine and build an effective treatment plan that will help you live your life more fully.

Part of the Penguin Life Experts series.
#3 - Keeping Your Heart Healthy
#3 - Keeping Your Heart Healthy
'A well-written discussion by a world-renowned cardiologist on how the heart functions. More importantly, it is a simple and concise book that charts your course to a healthy heart' Dr James R. Doty, M.D.


Worried about your heart health but unsure where to start?

One of the world's leading cardiologists, Dr Boon Lim, has created the go-to guide to keeping your heart in good shape for optimum health.

This concise accessible book covers everything you need to know about improving and maintaining your heart health. From hypertension, cholesterol and inherited cardiac conditions, to chest pain, fainting and stress, Dr Lim draws on his years of knowledge and expertise to offer practical, easy-to-follow advice on:

· How your heart works
· High blood pressure and bad cholesterol
· Heart attack and chest pain
· Rhythm disorders
· Fainting
· Eating and exercising for a healthy heart
· Striking the balance between stress and rest
· Holistic heart health

If you're experiencing heart problems, have high blood pressure or cholesterol, or think you or a loved one might be at increased risk of heart attack or stroke, this book will provide step-by-step tips on how to prevent and reduce heart issues by exercising more, being mindful of your nutrition and diet, and by making smarter, healthier lifestyle choices.

This is the ultimate guide to your heart: how it works, when it struggles, what it needs to work optimally and how you can shape your lifestyle to keep it ticking for a long time.

Part of the Penguin Life Experts series.
#4 - Understanding Allergy
#4 - Understanding Allergy
One in three of us experiences allergies at some point in our lives and we are more allergic than ever before, so why are allergies still so misunderstood?

In Understanding Allergy, Dr Sophie Farooque, a leading expert and consultant in allergy, will provide allergy sufferers and their families with the knowledge they need to help them navigate this minefield. The book will offer practical advice to reduce unnecessary suffering, debunk common allergy myths and address key topics including:

· The allergy epidemic
· Understanding and treating hay fever and rhinitis
· Living with food allergies, delayed food allergies and anaphylaxis
· Drug allergies
· What to do if you think you have an allergy
· Eczema and allergy prevention

Many people who are allergic often struggle to access help, whilst many think they have an allergy when they do not - Understanding Allergy is the essential and concise guide to diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle changes, to help you manage and alleviate your allergies.

'A fascinating, insightful guide that is extremely clear' Professor Adam Fox

'A source of sound information and practical advice' Professor Roy Taylor

'A must read' David Stukus, M.D
#5 - Managing IBS
#5 - Managing IBS
'The definitive guide to managing IBS' Professor Qasim Aziz

Irritable bowel syndrome is a complex and frustrating condition that is not yet fully understood but affects an astounding ten per cent of the global population.

The troubling conundrum is that the most common IBS symptoms are also manifestations of several other gastrointestinal disorders, and IBS is also closely associated with many physical and mental health conditions. Unfortunately, IBS patients don't often get the right advice or the support they need.

In Managing IBS, Dr Lisa Das, UK-leading gastroenterologist and IBS specialist, offers practical, empowering and evidence-based advice on how to manage and treat the condition successfully. Sharing a wealth of accessible information and drawing on decades of experience, Dr Das will explore:

· What IBS is and how the digestive system works
· IBS symptom red flags
· Symptom-based medication treatment
· Dietary, psychological and lifestyle treatments
· Normal bowel movement
· Questions to ask your doctor

This essential and concise guide will equip you with all the answers you need to take your health into your own hands and better understand, manage and treat IBS.

'An absolute must read' Professor Dame Lesley Regan

'A comprehensive guide to understanding IBS, and a timely reminder that no one should suffer in silence' Jo Cunningham, Clinical Director of The Gut Health Clinic
#6 - Living with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
#6 - Living with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic fatigue conditions are some of the most frustrating, life-altering and stigmatized illnesses, so why are they still so poorly understood?

ME/CFS affects roughly 17 million people worldwide. Medicalscience still cannot explain why some people get chronic fatigue syndromes and, distressingly, there are few effective treatments. While many people with ME/CFS are able to live a fairly normal life, a significant minority have symptoms so severe that they are confined to their house, or even their bed, and suicide rates are well above the national average.

Living with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, by consultant rheumatologist Dr Gerald Coakley and occupational therapist Beverly Knops, is a much-needed, evidence-based guide for people struggling with ME/CFS - as well as their friends and family - that provides practical information and accessible advice on how to manage and live with this challenging condition, at all stages of severity. It will explore:

- The causes and management options for ME/CFS
- The impact of the condition on work, education and emotional wellbeing
- The importance of a balanced, nutritious diet in managing your symptoms
- Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS) and other fatigue-related syndromes
- Advice for carers and questions to ask your doctor
- Life after ME/CFS

This essential, concise book, and its empowering patient stories of hope, will equip readers with the knowledge, strategies and support to navigate and manage this challenging condition.

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